5 Girl Gangs to give you life this Galentine's

Happy February 13th ladies! AKA Galentine's AKA "only the best day of the year" ( thank you Leslie Knope )

This Galentine's we took a look back at some of our favourite girl gangs from over the years to bring you some nostalgic inspo from some of the most iconic ladies out there.




1.Blair Waldorf & Serena van der Woodsen

Ah S & B, we've spent plenty of hours following your fictional live's, swooning over the men you torture, and longing for the wardrobes you flaunt.

You've had your issues with each other, there's no denying that, but when it comes down to it, you've got each others backs - ALWAYS.

For anyone part of a brunette and blonde best friend duo we know you've pretended to be these two on more than one occasion




2. The Ladies of Bridesmaids

This dysfunctional group show brilliantly both the light and dark of female relationships, the lengths we'll go to for friendship and just how far it can be tested - while also giving us some huge laughs.

The movie also touches on some pressing issues if your a female in your 20s/30s - like the cost of a hen do... If you're having a girls night this week would highly recommend sticking this on.

Plus this line will never not be useful...



3. Destiny's Child

B, Kelly, Michelle, all the ladies out there salute you for the multiple tracks helping us get over that man that wasn't even worth our time.

You've taught us to be independent, bootylicious, and a survivor.  There's a reason these three are the face of Spotify's Independent Ladies playlist.

Sound track for Galentine's; sorted.



4.  Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman AKA A Bikini A Day

Best friends, business partners and mega babes Tash and Dev are two ladies out there making things happen and showing us you can make your dreams your job.

If you're not familiar, these two met on set when Tash was modelling and immediately hit it off.

What's followed is a blog founded on the principle that life's better in a bikini, leading to their own swimwear, fitness wear, fashion collaborations, and a combined Instagram following of 3.2 million!

Get all THE best bikini inspo here 


5. Monica Geller, Rachael Green, Phoebe Buffay

These ladies taught us that finding friendship is just as important as finding love. That when your job's a joke, your broke and your love life sucks that a good group a ladies is a must.

They also taught us what not to do on actual Valentine's Day - have a cleansing ritual burning old momentous from boys... and slightly set fire to your apartment.

Plus they showed us you don't need a wedding, a church or even a man to rock a wedding dress.


...And finally, special thanks to Leslie Knope

As the true founder of Galentine's we had to give a big shout out to the lady who started it all.

Just some of the ways Leslie has celebrated her besties during Parks and Recreation include gifting them:

  • A personalised 5,000 word essay on why they're awesome
  • A needlepoint pillow with their face on it
  • And the leading headline in the news from the day they were born

Thinking caps on ladies, those are some big gifts to follow.

Thank you Leslie for giving us Galentine's